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Our Programmes

Prevention and ageing well Henri Chenot programme


7 nights - AZN 9500 per person (excl. room rate)

The objective of this programme is to stimulate the body to restore its balance and reset its functions. Following state-of-the-art diagnostics, the biological age of different functional systems of the body is determined. In this programme, the unique Chenot Method® of Treatments is combined with medical diagnostic tests that indicate the level of stress of the body. The specialist medical professionals create a plan of bespoke powerful and effective treatments that will trigger preventive, regenerating effects. The unique Chenot Method® of Treatments and Diet is complemented by dietary supplementation protocols and the optional administration of intravenous infusions with a strong effect on the body.

The programme includes:

  • 3 Medical consultations
  • 2 Nutritional consultations at the start and end of the programme
  • Detoxifying diet
  • Chenot Advanced Medical Diagnostics Plus:
    • Vascular Age Assessment
    • Mineral and Heavy Metal Intoxication Analysis
    • Oxidative Stress Assessment
    • Measurement of Advanced Glycation End Products AGEs
    • Skin Collagen Thickness Assessment
    • Assessment of Lifestyle Stress
  • 1 HighTone power treatment
  • 1 Postural and movement assessment
  • 1 Body composition analysis
  • 1 Digital infrared thermal imaging
  • 1 Bio-energetic check-up
  • 2 Anti-ageing systemic Vita-Mix enrichments*
  • 2 Ozone systemic applications*
  • 4 Chenot Bio-energetic treatments
  • 6 Chenot Energetic massages
  • 6 Hydro-aromatherapy treatments
  • 6 Phyto-mud treatments
  • 6 Hydro-jet treatments
  • Free access to the gym, indoor pool, sauna and steam bath with colour therapy.

*Compulsory pretreatment blood analysis is included in the price of the systemic Vita-mix enrichments and Ozone systemic application.

Screening tests and beneficial treatments following initial medical consultation (optional, not included in standard package):

  • Biochemical analysis in blood and/or urine samples
  • Whole-body Cryotherapy treatment
  • Neurac treatment