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Medical Aesthetic Department

Beauty, radiance and self-confidence



Advanced aesthetic technology: Face and body treatments

Skin health

LED Phototherapy for energising the skin, face, body and hair


  • 150 AZN – 30'
  • 290 AZN – 60'


  • 150 AZN – 30'
  • 290 AZN – 60'
  • 370 AZN – 3 sessions (30' each)
  • 750 AZN – 3 sessions (60' each)

This involves the application of specific light wavelengths in order to deliver energy into the cells, thus resulting in a healthy skin condition, wound-healing and hair growth. LED Phototherapy is highly recommended immediately after any medical aesthetic treatment. It enhances the results and recovery from all medical procedures and treatments. It reduces swelling, intensity of redness and healing time, optimising the effect of cosmetic products and masks applied to face, body and hair. This is a necessity in enhancing overall skin health.

Hydrafacial MD for deep facial rejuvenation

  • 320 AZN - Hydrafacial peel + Hyaluronic 
  • 320 AZN - Hydrafacial hyaluronic + Peptide 
  • 420 AZN - Hydrafacial hyaluronic + Peptide + Anti-pigmentation 
  • 530 AZN - Hydrafacial peel + Hyaluronic + Peptide + Anti-pigmentation

This is a multi-step face treatment that cleanses, evenly exfoliates, extracts and purges impurities and dead skin cells whilst simultaneously nourishing and protecting the skin with vital nutrients, including antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. The treatment improves texture and fine lines and renews youthful glow, delivering immediate results and long-term benefits without downtime or irritation. The process is safe for all skin types, and totally painless.

OxyGeneo for skin oxygenation and youthful glow

  • 190 AZN - Oxygeneo (20')
  • 580 AZN - Oxygeneo + RF + Ultrasound (55')
  • 370 AZN - RF + Ultrasound

This is a facial treatment aimed at oxygenating the skin, resulting in a younger, smoother complexion. It improves moisture retention, tightens enlarged pores and relieves ‘puffiness’ around the eyes. It combines gentle exfoliation, natural skin oxygenation and deep facial rejuvenation through the use of essential revitalising nutrients. It is a safe treatment for all skin tones, painless and can be used on sensitive skin without any irritation.

Applications: face, neck, décolleté and hands

Skin tightening and body contouring

SKINeo - Ultrasound and electrotherapy

  • 190 AZN - Hands (30')
  • 190 AZN - Upper arms (30')
  • 190 AZN - Cellulite on buttocks (30')
  • 190 AZN - Cellulite on thighs (30')
  • 350 AZN - Package of 2 sessions per area
  • 490 AZN - Package of 3 sessions per area

The SKINeo system uses a non-invasive treatment that combines low-intensity pulsed ultrasound and electrotherapy to stimulate natural skin firming for almost all areas of face and body. Various specialist products are used that are important in achieving a successful and lasting effect. The applicators are designed for the different regions of the body and are anatomically adjusted to provide a continuously active effect across the entire area undergoing treatment. In addition to skin firming and tissue tightening, the system is particularly recommended for undertaking cellulite treatment.

Combined Applications:

  • 360 AZN - Hands + thighs (30')
  • 360 AZN - Hands + abdomen (30')
  • 360 AZN - Hands + buttocks (30')
  • 360 AZN - Hands + upper arms (30')
  • 650 AZN - Package of 2 treatments per 2 areas

INDIBA - Proionic system

  • 360 AZN (per area) - 30'
  • 640 AZN - Package of 2 treatments per week
  • 930 AZN - Package of 3 treatments per week

The Indiba system is a non-invasive treatment that delivers a specific monopolar radio frequency wave for the skin cells and deep tissues to promote the synthesis of new collagen and elastin through heat and ion exchange. The treatment is fast and painless, providing deep tissue regeneration, giving visible results from the first session. The Indiba system is ideal for improving skin elasticity and tightening on the face, arms and legs, and particularly for fine line and wrinkle reduction. It works synergistically in combination with wall body contouring and circumference reduction treatments, as it mobilises the fat from small, localised fat deposits. It dramatically enhances the appearance of red stretch marks and is a highly rewarding solution to ‘orange peel’ or cellulitis.

Suitable for: face, chin, upper arms and thighs

TriLipo Legend

  • 360 AZN (per area) - 30 min
  • 640 AZN - Package of 2 sessions per week
  • 930 AZN – Package of 3 sessions per week

The TriLipo system is a non-invasive treatment that delivers two effective technologies in one application:

1. Tri-polar RadioFrequency (RF) waves that stimulates the skin collagen to contact and the fat tissue to mobilise

2. TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) that stimulates the deeper muscle to contract and forces lymphatic drainage

The combination of these technologies provides effective skin tightening, face-lifting and body contouring with minimal discomfort.

Suitable for: face, chin, arm, abdomen, flanks, buttocks, banana rolls, inner leg, leg backs

Combined Applications:

  • 690 AZN - Face and chin (60') 
  • 690 AZN - Abdomen and flanks (60')
  • 690 AZN - Buttocks and banana rolls (60')
  • 690 AZN - Whole leg (60')
  • 1290 AZN - Package of 2 treatments per week

Storz Cellactor SC1 - Acoustic waves

  • 410 AZN - Per 1 area (30')
  • 770 AZN - Per 2 areas (60')
  • 730 AZN - Package of 2 sessions per week per area
  • 1040 AZN - Package of 3 sessions per week per area
  • 1380 AZN - Package of 2 sessions per week per two areas
  • 1950 AZN - Package of 3 sessions per week per two areas

This acoustic wave therapy (AWT) technique is non-invasive, involving the use of acoustic waves to improve the appearance of cellulite and enhance the elasticity and firmness of connective tissue.This is achieved by combining short high-energy defocused waves with long, low-energy radial waves and is suitable for both deep and superficial regions. In order to optimise the result, a third application of vibrational pulses is performed over large areas to stimulate the muscle tissue structures and lymphatic system.

Suitable for: arms, buttocks and thighs, abdomen


Cost per area and up to 10 laser diodes:

  • 360 AZN – Arms (15')
  • 360 AZN – Abdomen (15')
  • 360 AZN – Back (15')
  • 360 AZN – Buttocks (15')
  • 360 AZN – Thighs (15')
  • 650 AZN - Package of 2 sessions per week
  • 930 AZN – Package of 3 sessions per week
  • 1300 AZN - Package of 2 sessions per 2 areas
  • 1840 AZN - Package of 3 sessions per 2 areas

Laser-Lipo is a non-invasive low-level laser therapy (LLLT), aimed at reducing fat, especially in areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. When the laser pads are placed on the skin, the cold red laser beams penetrate the skin just deep enough to reach the fat layers. This does not affect the neighbouring structures, such as the skin, blood vessels or nerves. When the laser energy hits the fat cells, a rapid chain causes them to release their fat content without destroying the cells completely. The lymphatic system then removes the fat in the same way as the fatty foods are digested. The treatment is fast, very effective and completely painless, with zero downtime and without the negative effects associated with surgical methods, such as bruising, swelling or damage to other tissues. It works in synergy with all body contouring and circumference reduction treatments and the Chenot Diet Programme.

Applications: lipolysis in arms, abdomen, flunks, back, buttocks, thighs.

Io S21 - Electrostimulation

  • 190 AZN – Arms and abdomen (30')
  • 190 AZN – Abdomen and thighs (30')
  • 190 AZN – Buttocks and back of the legs (30')
  • 350 AZN – 2 sessions (30')
  • 490 AZN – 3 sessions (30')
  • 750 AZN – 5 sessions (30')

The Io S21 system uses electrical pulses to provide deep muscle toning to remodel the figure, resulting in a lifting action across the body. The perfect synergy of the electrical pulses allows also facilitates lymphatic drainage, assisting with the removal of water retention, swelling, cellulite and fatty acids'


  • 190 AZN - 1 session
  • 350 AZN – Package of 2 sessions
  • 490 AZN – Package of 3 sessions
  • 750 AZN – Package of 5 sessions

This expedites the body’s natural healing process, improving the appearance of cellulite, assisting with weight loss, purging toxins, accelerating metabolism and assisting with re-energisation.